Peighton Nelson

Sophomore #4


Player Spotlight

Given the choice of anyone in the world (dead or alive) whom would you want as a dinner guest?

Michael Jordan

3 words to describe me

Fun, Caring, Kind

If you could wake up tomorrow and gain one quality or ability what would it be?

Ability to do a backflip

Favorite Athlete:

Maya Moore

Why I play basketball: I play basketball because I love the game. I love all the great memories that I have made though playing basketball. I also enjoy the challenge of playing basketball because it is not an easy sport and there are so many different aspects to the game.

What in your life do you feel most grateful for: I am grateful of the opportunity to play basketball and be a part of a great program. I am also grateful for my friends and family because they are constantly pushing me to be my best.

Thoughts/Feelings on your team: I am so excited for this season. This season would be a success if we could be a top team in the conference and we all learn and grow as a team. We all want to compete at a high level and have fun this season.


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