Kaylee Kellogg

Senior #20


Player Spotlight

Given the choice of anyone in the world (dead or alive) whom would you want as a dinner guest?


3 words to describe me

Excited, genuine, outgoing

If you could wake up tomorrow and gain one quality or ability what would it be?

Become a better driver

Favorite Athlete:

Peyton Blang

Why I play basketball:

I play basketball because it is a high intensity game that always keeps you on your toes. I have been playing since I was in first grade and fell in love with the game after that. It is also a sport where you can come together as a team and work towards a common goal. I will not forget the memories I have made playing this sport.


What in your life do you feel most grateful for:

There are many things to be grateful for in life, but I am most thankful for my family. They are always there for me and support me through anything. I am also thankful for my friends that can make me forget about the stresses of school.


Thoughts/Feelings on your team:

This season is bittersweet because it is my last season of basketball ever. I am very excited and grateful that I will be finishing career with this team. Our team has the potential to be great. We put in the work to get better each and everyday. In the end, it doesn't matter the games we won or the championships. I will remember playing with some of my best friends and the lessons I learned.

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